Sunday, January 29, 2017 rebase..or not to rebase...

As mentioned in an earlier post I purchased Gripping Beast's new ruleset "SwordPoint" and after reading and watching some online info vids I was interested in giving them a shot...  I purchased a bunch of FireForge medieval Russians to go along with my Teutonic minis with the plan to run a game this summer (crossed fingers).

Been working through the Russians and was taking break to let some pieces dry and decided to find some of my old GB vikings and saxons and see about using them for SwordPoint...  then I remembered...I had based them for Impetus (which I never did play).  SwordPoint uses 40x40mm for inf and 50x50 for cav... while Impetus has the large single element basing...

I really like the single element basing look and am not sure if I try and remove these plastic minis if I will break them...  so do I just leave the vikes and saxons as they are and if I do decide to play SwordPoint darkage then just paint up a new batch??    And now that I remember how much I did like the big bases...should I just base the Russians and Teutonics the same??

Welcome input....    or thoughts on the two game systems..

Cheers, Beachbum


  1. You're basing already looks great, I'd be hesitant to re-base them again, especially if they're plastics, the risk is too high IMHO. What's the downside to keeping them based as is?

    Have a good one!


    1. Thanks Brian. Agreed. Decided not to try and rebase...most likely do more damage than good. Will just base my new Russians for Swordpoint and move onward!