Thursday, January 19, 2017

...the russians are coming...medieval that is!

Finally finished the basing tonight on a unit of Fireforge medieval Russians for Gripping Beast's new rules "SwordPoint"!

Wanted to test out the Fireforge plastic kit, so I painted up a unit of Polk archers.  Only three bases of 3ea.   I like the minis and would recommend them to anyone wanting to delve into medieval Russians.  Wasn't sure how far my painting skills would go, but I ended up enjoying painting them up...wasn't too keen on the ink washes, but overall I think they came out tabletop quality!

Used GF9 scenic basing material and Army Painter frosted scrubs!

Beware Crusaders...Feel the power of our bows!!!

Wanted to go with a TUNDRA feel to the basing...not too much snow, but giving you the feeling of dead grasses and snow melting or just falling...  not sure if I hit the mark, but overall I am happy with the final result.  If you have some ideas on how to improve...feel free to pass the knowledge on!

One UNIT to work on the CITY MILITIA/SMERD unit!!

Happy gaming,

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