Sunday, January 15, 2017

...speed painting...fantasy style...

Well one down...and sooo many to go.

I love to build and assemble models, but not really one to like painting...never had the knack for it and as I get older and the hands shake a little more I always feel like I am doing a disservice to the mini...but something has to give and my collection of primed minis need to either find a home or feel the lick of a speed painting it is!

Mierce Miniatures produce one of my top three miniature lines...I really love the character and detail they put into each miniature.  Been collecting them since their first kickstarter, but never made the go at painting one...until yesterday lol.  I grabbed one and just went for it...and after a few hours it was DONE!

Some thoughts...
-  I am really intimidated by larger models...especially ones with lots of flesh...
-  I like soft tone shading by Army Painter...but with this much flesh I don't think it worked out well?
-  But...I will move forward with the speed painting and see if getting a unit done and playable is worth the sacrifice of quality

Welcome input..or ideas on shading and painting flesh...not my strong suit lol.

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