Saturday, January 14, 2017 year...time to resuscitate this old blog...

New abode...finally unpacked most of the model boxes...and i got a no excuse...time to model!

Going through all the boxes gives one a great chance to see ALL those projects you started...and so many.  So starting the year off working on clearing out past projects and focusing on a FEW new ones...just a few.

I recently purchased the new Gripping Beast ancient/medieval rules "SwordPoint"...looking at giving these a try soon.  And since I have always had an itch for eastern medieval...I bought a bunch of Fireforge's MEDIEVAL RUSSIANS line...pretty excited about this project!

I also found a box of Warlord Napoleonic Prussians I never will work on getting these done up for some Black Powder games this year...maybe? lol

And finally...I really need to get cracking on painting these Mierce Miniatures models I have had for years...I truly love their miniature line and background, but just have never given a go at the plan is to speed paint them and not think about trying to make it all look pretty.  Really want to paint 'em up and play a game of Darklands this spring!

So here is the "plastic" pile to work through...daunting...the key will be tabletop quality!

 From right to left:  Fireforge Russian cavalry, Nap Prussians, a few Deep War minis, Mierce "Ysians", Fireforge crusader line, and lots of medieval Russians...
Fireforge - Russian Cavalry 


  1. Napoleonic Prussians look great to me!

  2. Nice paint table setup! Mine is quite