Sunday, January 29, 2017 rebase..or not to rebase...

As mentioned in an earlier post I purchased Gripping Beast's new ruleset "SwordPoint" and after reading and watching some online info vids I was interested in giving them a shot...  I purchased a bunch of FireForge medieval Russians to go along with my Teutonic minis with the plan to run a game this summer (crossed fingers).

Been working through the Russians and was taking break to let some pieces dry and decided to find some of my old GB vikings and saxons and see about using them for SwordPoint...  then I remembered...I had based them for Impetus (which I never did play).  SwordPoint uses 40x40mm for inf and 50x50 for cav... while Impetus has the large single element basing...

I really like the single element basing look and am not sure if I try and remove these plastic minis if I will break them...  so do I just leave the vikes and saxons as they are and if I do decide to play SwordPoint darkage then just paint up a new batch??    And now that I remember how much I did like the big bases...should I just base the Russians and Teutonics the same??

Welcome input....    or thoughts on the two game systems..

Cheers, Beachbum

Friday, January 20, 2017

...shiny shiny metal...

Spent the evening painting everything metal lol.  Chain and plate mail...swords...axes...helmets...everything gets painted silver!

Working on my Medieval Russian Polk units...a few crusaders...along with a few dark age Normans.  All in hopes of assembling a few dark age armies and medieval armies to play with Gripping Beast's rules "SwordPoint".

Once these guys are done I will tackle the Russian cavalry...excited for them...but painting cavalry is always tiring ugh.

Happy gaming this weekend to all,


Thursday, January 19, 2017

...the russians are coming...medieval that is!

Finally finished the basing tonight on a unit of Fireforge medieval Russians for Gripping Beast's new rules "SwordPoint"!

Wanted to test out the Fireforge plastic kit, so I painted up a unit of Polk archers.  Only three bases of 3ea.   I like the minis and would recommend them to anyone wanting to delve into medieval Russians.  Wasn't sure how far my painting skills would go, but I ended up enjoying painting them up...wasn't too keen on the ink washes, but overall I think they came out tabletop quality!

Used GF9 scenic basing material and Army Painter frosted scrubs!

Beware Crusaders...Feel the power of our bows!!!

Wanted to go with a TUNDRA feel to the basing...not too much snow, but giving you the feeling of dead grasses and snow melting or just falling...  not sure if I hit the mark, but overall I am happy with the final result.  If you have some ideas on how to improve...feel free to pass the knowledge on!

One UNIT to work on the CITY MILITIA/SMERD unit!!

Happy gaming,

Sunday, January 15, 2017

...speed painting...fantasy style...

Well one down...and sooo many to go.

I love to build and assemble models, but not really one to like painting...never had the knack for it and as I get older and the hands shake a little more I always feel like I am doing a disservice to the mini...but something has to give and my collection of primed minis need to either find a home or feel the lick of a speed painting it is!

Mierce Miniatures produce one of my top three miniature lines...I really love the character and detail they put into each miniature.  Been collecting them since their first kickstarter, but never made the go at painting one...until yesterday lol.  I grabbed one and just went for it...and after a few hours it was DONE!

Some thoughts...
-  I am really intimidated by larger models...especially ones with lots of flesh...
-  I like soft tone shading by Army Painter...but with this much flesh I don't think it worked out well?
-  But...I will move forward with the speed painting and see if getting a unit done and playable is worth the sacrifice of quality

Welcome input..or ideas on shading and painting flesh...not my strong suit lol.

Saturday, January 14, 2017 year...time to resuscitate this old blog...

New abode...finally unpacked most of the model boxes...and i got a no excuse...time to model!

Going through all the boxes gives one a great chance to see ALL those projects you started...and so many.  So starting the year off working on clearing out past projects and focusing on a FEW new ones...just a few.

I recently purchased the new Gripping Beast ancient/medieval rules "SwordPoint"...looking at giving these a try soon.  And since I have always had an itch for eastern medieval...I bought a bunch of Fireforge's MEDIEVAL RUSSIANS line...pretty excited about this project!

I also found a box of Warlord Napoleonic Prussians I never will work on getting these done up for some Black Powder games this year...maybe? lol

And finally...I really need to get cracking on painting these Mierce Miniatures models I have had for years...I truly love their miniature line and background, but just have never given a go at the plan is to speed paint them and not think about trying to make it all look pretty.  Really want to paint 'em up and play a game of Darklands this spring!

So here is the "plastic" pile to work through...daunting...the key will be tabletop quality!

 From right to left:  Fireforge Russian cavalry, Nap Prussians, a few Deep War minis, Mierce "Ysians", Fireforge crusader line, and lots of medieval Russians...
Fireforge - Russian Cavalry