Monday, March 3, 2014

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Just wanted to post a quick link and pic of a miniature game that has been around awhile and is currently having a go at a kickstarter campaign: World of Twlight kickstarter

I don't have any of the minis, tho I have seen a game played once...spent time in the past reading through the fluff and following along with the mini line as it expanded, but never took the plunge....this Kickstarter might change that...

One of the things that always attracted me to the game was not just the setting, but the "feel" of the skirmish game.  In a time when most games are a showcase of minis with big guns (rightfully so lol) this one always had a gentler feel to it.  It is still a skirmish game, but I always felt you were not playing the game for the bloodbath experience, but more for a story-line experience...

Anyways, I always like to read about new games when I am perusing blogs, so thought I would spread a little love about a game I felt deserved some attention....feel free to peruse their official website as well: World of Twlight 


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