Sunday, February 16, 2014

...painting Napoleonic...the horror!

Been a minute since I last posted...easy to forget as the days get busy...but alas, I have not been entirely quiet on the miniature front!  Since last post, I assembled, primed and began the arduous task of painting three battalions of French Line...all I can say is ARRRRRRRR!  Wow, now I know why Napoleonic gamers are so passionate about their have to be in order to subject yourself to all the cords, buttons, pom-poms and all the myriad decorations covering the little buggers!!  Albeit...when you finish feel some real satisfaction LOL.  (I never painted a 40k army, but I am going to say I bet they share similar moments of ARRRRRRR! with the number of minis and all the accouterments they each have...)

Still, I am determined to keep fact, I have a box arriving tomorrow with Prussian Landwehr from Warlord Games and a few French mounted officers to bolster my French Line battalions.  Will post pictures when I complete the initial French battalions...

On another front, not sure if anyone follows Kickstarter projects, but I have been following along with one that has peaked my interest...Pulp City kickstarter.  Basically, it's a superhero miniature game.  I remembered the game from a few years ago, but never really checked it out...the company seems to be revamping the rules and mini line and so far, they are doing freaking awesome with their project...I have considered pledging for the Supreme level just to get a hold of the new rule-book and some minis...interested in seeing if it is a decent beer and pretzel game for a Saturday, who doesn't want to paint up a superhero!   These are two "teams" I would like to paint and play with...

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