Monday, January 27, 2014

...found my dwarves some big friends...

Work's been keeping me busy...but I am a little excited because I believe I have found my "Northern/Mountain" Ogre allies for my Dwarves!  I have been researching various Ogres from around the net and for a time I thought I had found them with the Privateer Press Hordes' "Trollbloods"...but they just seemed a tad-bit large...and then I found the PP miniature line had smaller cousins to the big ones...and presto the "Trollkin Fennblades" arrived in my mail.  I think they will do nicely for my project!

The Trollkin Fennblades on the ends compared to a Mantic Ogre in the middle...size almost even..

...alongside my dwarves...I like the bulk and size of the Trollkin...

I will paint one this week and see if it will hopefully end my search for the perfect Ogre for the stumpies!  Been thinking what to do with my Mantic Ogres and I think I am going to look at using them alongside my Kingdom of Men army...they have more of a human allies feel to them I think...

Till next time...may your dice roll true!


  1. I think the Fennblades look like a good choice for the dwarves, Following the link to Privateer Press' product page, it looks like they are sold in a box of 10. Do you have 8 more ogres to put together for the dwarf army then? If so, that will be quite the force.

  2. Yep Greg, I think I like them as well. The minis are sold in the box of 10, plus I picked up a leader and musician to make twelve - 2 units of six in KoW! Or maybe 4 units of three....shall see. I figured if I didn't like them I could paint and sell at local shop, Hordes is a popular game and I am sure someone plays 'em. Now to get painting lol. (...and then on to the mean elf army...)