Wednesday, January 8, 2014

...old stuff new again...or "what's under the bed"

Funny how minis and wargaming come in cycles.  A game can come out and be the hit of the summer and then fade away only to be back in fashion a few years later.

Years ago, I was spending much of my mini time on 28mm WWII and running demos of "Disposable Heroes" by Iron Ivan Games  (An excellent set of WWII platoon level skirmish rules IMO).  At the time, I couldn't get many local gamers into joining me in collecting and fielding minis...sure, they would game with what I brought to play with, but nobody else really jumped into the scene.  I probably collected over 500 minis and close to a 70 vehicles during a time when it was rather DIFFICULT to find quality 28mm WWII minis...and the variety was seriously lacking LOL.

A few years pass and Warlord Games jumps into the scene first by purchasing the entire Bolt Action miniature line followed by releasing their own set of WWII rules under the same name.  Now first, I will say these new rules and their subsequent army books are presented in a beautiful format and the pics are top notch...I have heard many comparisons to GW in presentation, which is not really a bad selling point considering the quality... it is a few years later and I go to my local shop and right before my eyes are THREE game tables filled with 28mm WWII...a full-fledged Bolt Action tournament! things change...

And thus, I am now crawling under the bed searching for boxes of my 28mm WWII to see what I have to play with...I will be honest, it is rather a nice feeling to pull out some old minis packed away for so long...kinda like a brand new present, except they come painted and based LOL!  Now I have to go back and clean up my "old-school" paintjobs and basing...but perhaps some of these old minis have a game or two left in them after-all!  More to come...

German Fallschirmjager (Artizan?)  - worked on cleaning up the old basing and gave a quick wash...


  1. Great to hear you are going to be able to use a bunch of your old models again! I can be pretty difficult to find people to play with when getting into a new game. It is hard to judge the interest level for a game. I myself purchased and assembled lots of models for the game Infinity but have never had a chance to play it. No one in my area seem to play the game...

    The German Fallschirmjager troops look nice! I look forward to hearing and seeing more.

  2. Thanks Adam. Not the best paintjobs, course it was years ago and I hope I have learned a few tricks since then LOL. Understand on judging the interest of a game with local gamers...but somtimes you just want to buy a game and minis cause it looks "cool"...nothing wrong with that! The hobby is our own little addiction, sharing it with others is secondary haha. cheers

  3. Neat unit! I feel that historical wargaming is not as popular with the younger crowd. They would rather be playing fantasy or sci-fi games, as they are more flashy.

    I don't have any experience with 28mm WWII gaming, but I dabbled a little into Flames of War (15mm WWII). My brother has a largely unassembled Finnish force with a bunch of T-26s. All of the history about Finland's heroic defense against the invading Soviet Union in the "Winter War" really fascinates me. That is what had excited me about trying to play a Finnish force. Seeing these models makes me want to try to get back into Flames of War. The thought of playing at a smaller scale appeals to me, as assembling a whole force in 28mm is daunting.

  4. Disposable Heroes...that brings back! I've got a box of Warlord Plastic US to assemble...I bought them to use for Bolt Action or NUTS, but DH will work too! I've still got my Sherman tank we used in the DH games..., the memories...