Friday, January 3, 2014

...let's build some dragon-men...

Decided to assemble some minis today.  I supported the first "Mierce Miniatures: Darklands" kickstarter earlier in 2013 and ended up with some superb minis for a great deal (I supported their secondary kickstarter later in the year as well).  I initially started with two of the eight or so factions/hosts:  Fomoraic and Brythoniaid.

**EDIT:  I checked the Mierce website and they now have 12 hosts/factions listed.  Some only have a model or two currently out, but this past kickstarter is starting to flush out the armies...lots to choose from!

I am blown away by the level of detail on these models and the sculpting is magnificent to say the least.  I am not sure about the skirmish rules/game they are developing to accompany their miniature line: "Darkands".  I have read through the very detailed and long-winded quickstart skirmish rules a few times, but as previously stated I AM NOT a rules junkie, in fact I often do not enjoy reading through rules as much as I do the fluff or actual gaming.  I honestly just want to play a game and the easier it is for me to throw dice and push minis around the better...but, Mierce has posted a great walkthrough video on their kickstarter page for "Darklands" and I suspect I will coerce a gaming friend to help me walk through the game mechanics.  I'll let you know how it goes in a later posting...

On to the minis.  I finished assembling most of the "Brythoniaid" minis from the first host/faction.  As mentioned...Superb!  I really hope I can do some justice painting these.
5 Brythoniaid warriors for my host

...leader dude...

(scale shot) The game is scaled in 28mm...the "little" human warrior on the right is from the Darklands game...just all the BIG races/allies are going to make it a rather LARGE SCALE skirmish game. That's the part of the game I am looking forward to!



  1. I have been toying with buying some Darklands miniatures. At the time of both of their Kickstarters I did not really have the funds to back them. What particularly had my interest was the wonderful cover art done by Stefan Kopinski (the brother of one of my favorite arts, Karl Kopinski).

    The models you assembled look really nice. How were the moldlines on them? Your models are resin right? Do you know if most of their models are to be in resin?

    As you mentioned, the diversity of scale in the game looks really neat.

    Look forward to seeing more about Darklands. Keep up the good work!

    1. Adam, thanks for comments. I answered some of your questions in a follow up post, but I will reply as well:

      The minis are in resin and in great condition for nearly all my minis. Had only very few small-size bubble crater on two, but a touch of greenstuff was all that was needed.

      The diversity in scale is what drew me to the minis and game...I wanted to skirmish with some large scale figs on the I just need to see if the Darklands rules are playable, or do I use the minis for another game, i.e. Songs of Blades and Heroes perhaps?

      If you are thinking about the game, check out the kickstarter site (link in posting) and take a view at the walk-through video. And I would suggest picking up just a few models from various kindred and see what interests you...the minis are costly and it would be pretty hard to collect more than a few pick two you might enjoy and see if that strikes your fancy. If anything, you still get a chance to pain some great minis! Cheers

    2. Thanks for the information; based on your pictures the resin certain looks nice and well cast.

      I will look into the walk-through video. To the untrained eye it is not always obvious which models belong to which force, ha ha.