Sunday, January 12, 2014

...first new toys of 2014...

Quick post today.  Worked yesterday, so I am going to take my Sunday and watch some TV and chill...maybe paint a little...hmmm.

Had been taking a look at a relatively new game "Deep Wars" by Anitmatter Games and after reading some of reader Eric's batreps and mini reviews on his blog "Between the Bolter and Me" I decided to purchase a few minis and see them firsthand...must say I am impressed!  And I am really excited about taking a shot at painting them up!  I know they have around 4 or so armies, but I decided to concentrate on Fortune Hunters and thier old-style dive suits (awesome) and the Scaly Horde (sea creatures...what could be more bad-ass!).  I plan on getting them cleaned and primed today and then start painting during the week as a side project...let you know how it goes...and thanks Eric for the reviews and such, you sold me LOL.

This is the one that I am really looking forward to playing with...Scaly Horde - Steel Jaw Placoderm Fish!


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  1. Glad to see you made the plunge (pun intended, he he)! Most of the miniatures are really nice and pretty easy to get together (I also really like how they credit the sculptors on the blisters themselves; I feel more companies should follow suit, since the models are such an important element of such games). I look forward to seeing your progress with these guys!