Thursday, January 23, 2014

...searching for big-uns....with some northern flair!...

Been busy with work, but I have been doing a little research on one of my long-term projects.  I stopped by my local game shop the other day and purchased a box of Trollbloods from Privateer Press' "Hordes" game system.  I have seen the game played a few times at the shop, but never really paid too much attention.  Heard it's a good game, but I never really felt the pull to get into it...but the minis...I believe in the last year PP switched to plastic for some of their mini line and that gave me the perfect excuse to purchase some to see what they looked like and if they would work for my year-long endeavor...

...assembled Trollblood Impaler and Axer...

I must admit I am impressed with the detail and sturdiness of the plastic miniatures.  The Trollbloods have great character and a certain northern/Scotsman flavor to them....which I believe they actually represent in the game? They got kilts sorta'! they are next to an Avatars of War dwarf unit for size comparison...

In all, I think their size fits well with my Dwarves and Fireforge men-at-arms...take another day to think about it and if I still feel positive, I will have minis for my Winter Ogre Clan from the "Howling Peaks" for Kings of War!


  1. I was never a huge fan of the Trollblood models put out by Privateer Press; I always disliked their faces and thought they looked a little wonky. These plastic ones you assembled actually look pretty nice. They are a nice size when compared to your dwarves there.

    How is the Privateer Press plastic? I have never worked with it and always kind of wondered.

  2. Adam I will admit I was a little leery about picking the trollblood mini up, but I am glad I did. I on the other hand like thier faces, albeit they are different. Now I have been researching about the mini line and I have found that the Trollbloods have different types so therefore different models etc. The fullblood Trollbloods (lol) have a good size and feel to them... The plastic is actually really well done and holds great detail, plus sturdy which is nice for a gamer.

    If I decide not to use them for KoW, I wil be happy to use them for Songs of Blades or another skirmish game system. They have some wonderful character. My concern or hesitation is that they are big compared to other ogre fact they are 2x beefier than Mantic ogre...I am wanting to have different Ogre for each army.

    I am working on my northern Dwarf army with northern/mountain men and ogres for allies. And for my evil undead and orcs I want ogre allies as well, BUT I would like different my mind ogres coming from different tribes/regions looking different from each other...but still being BIG haha.

    Need to decide if the Trollbloods will look out of place next to my dwarves and men-at-arms. Not too many on table, but as picture shows...are they TOO big?

    1. Those plastic Trollblood models are rather large next to the dwarves, but I don't necessarily think that is a problem.

      I was always a fan of the ogres that Brian Nelson made for Games Workshop. They have more of a serious and believable tone to them. They also have some really characterful ones, particularly the Maneaters. I always loved the one dressed as a ninja, complete with a little Gnoblar with a bo staff.