Sunday, January 5, 2014

...and now for some goats and bulls...

Continuing on with my Darklands miniatures, I finished assembling and basing my opposing hosts/faction...the Fomoraic (mostly large bull-men and GW Beastmen but on steriods).  They seem to be a very popular choice among the kickstarter crowd and the latest kickstarter has seen some wonderful additions to their kindred or races.  I had initially chosen to go with the Norse trolls alongside my Dragon host, but the Fomoraic have such great they have some big-uns on the way to include Mammoth and Sloth style men!  Oh, and the large Rhino "Sronax" are just HUGE!  

Adam asked about mold lines...I am not going to say I am that great of a modeler, in fact I probably destroy as much as I build, but compared to the numerous other companies products i have worked with over the years, these are by far the finest in regards to detail and casting in my opinion.  I truly have been impressed with the miniature line so far and look forward to receiving more in the coming months....and yes, I am pretty sure it is a type of resin, but not the "restic"? type Mantic and some others seem to have fallen upon.

Fomoraic "Tarvax" (Bull type) on ends and a "Gabrax" (Goat style) shamen in center

For a size comparison...Tarvax on left, Darklands human center, and Brythoniaid dragon warrior on right.
(All models are from Mierce Miniatures : Darklands range)

Well, back to the football game.  Any questions or comments, on Darklands or another topic, feel free to leave a comment.



  1. Thanks for the additional information about the Darklands miniatures. It is good to hear they are made of a different resin then the rustic stuff Mantic used for Dreadball and Deadzone. From your pictures the resin looks nice and well cast.

    The last picture showing the scale of the models is really striking. Look forward to seeing more of them. Keep up the good work!

  2. Those are certainly nicer looking minotaur's than Games Workshop's newer plastic kit. The musculature on these models looks like it might make sense!