Thursday, January 9, 2014

...a Tiger and a Panzer IV walk into a bar...

Staying on the hunt for my old  28mm WWII collection...I had a little time tonight to pull out two 1/56ish German tanks and clean them up a little.  Also found two tank commander models in my bin and painted them up quickly to give the vehicles some extra character.  Not the greatest paintjobs, but on the battlefield they will hopefully look the part.  I haven't really thought about 28mm WWII for some time, but I will admit I am a little excited about maybe jumping in on a Bolt Action game and kicking the dust off some of my minis...
...we have a Tiger (not sure model type) and  I believe  a Panzer IV Ausf. H

Need to keep looking for more vehicles to see what my little motorpool has ready for gaming!